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Mom Bosses Abroad

Nov 17, 2022

Whether you want to start a healthier lifestyle because of health conditions, or because you want to avoid using harsh and nasty chemicals on your kids (and yourself, of course!), or even just keep your and your family above the wellness line, grab pen and paper and listen in to this two-part episode. Nothing excites Desiree more than sharing with others about how to make the transition to toxic-free living – and how to make it even better with extra residual income! If you are curious about what a toxic-free life is all about or are making the decision to switch to all natural products and ingredients for you and your family, Desiree is happy to debunk the main myths about going toxic-free.


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Hey, Mama, do you love being the gatekeeper of your family's health at home? Do you love helping others? Do you love surrounding yourself with like minded moms? Do you want to start creating that residual income? If you've just answered yes to any of these questions, then you might just be ready to join us on this journey. Both Iva and I will teach you on how you can get monthly pay checks by literally elevating your family's health and helping others do the same. Partnering with Young Living has brought us abundance in so many ways. Just visit to let us know you're interested, and we'll be in touch with you to get started.



Desiree Gonzalez

Besides hosting this Podcast….Desiree is also the creator of Oily Essentials, with a community that spreads over more than 20 countries. On this platform, she teaches others about natural living, essential oils and how to transition to a Toxic Free Lifestyle. She also inspires other moms to re-gain their identity, find their purpose and leads them towards financial independence by doing something they love!


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