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Mom Bosses Abroad

Dec 28, 2023

Join Des and Iva as they delve into a transformative perspective on anxiety and its nuanced layers, as they explore how it can serve as a surprisingly helpful companion in our lives, offering hidden insights and uncharted pathways to personal growth and resilience. Listen in to discov its untapped potential as a guiding friend rather than a formidable foe.


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Hey lovely mama! You're ready to grown your business and still be present in your children’s lives while following your passion and sharing your gifts. But when the anxious part comes in and sabotages your work, relationships and your health, it's never fun.

You Don't have to settle for ways to merely cope until the kids are out of the house. i'm here to help as a Licensed Transformational Hypnotherapist, If my beautiful mamas have reversed decades of anxiety and unwanted behaviors in a matter of weeks, So can you.

Book a call with me this week.

I can help you create a life you love while providing fast and effective anxiety relief. You get to have the gift of Presence without anxiety running the show.

Are you ready to be next?

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