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Mom Bosses Abroad

Jan 19, 2023

Whether you’re itching to get back into an exercise routine after birth or you think you do because of what is presented on social media and the news, please use caution and listen to this episode! Jen Landry is a Functional Fitness expert who is here to talk about how to ease into a postpartum exercise routine after birth. No matter your fitness level before childbirth, your postpartum workout plan requires special consideration. In fact, it should start while pregnant! We dispel many myths in this episode. Even Kegels are not spared. Listen in now!

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Jen Landry

Jen Landry is a leader in functional fitness specializing in pregnant, postpartum, and everyday women. As a mother of two little girls and two pregnancies that left Jen feeling weak, broken and in need of answers, she discovered the Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Certification. Obtaining this certification changed the way Jen looked at pregnancy and postpartum fitness as well as female health in general. It ignited a fire to help as many women as possible, so they could avoid what Jen experienced. She is the CEO and Owner of Moms Fit Life. Her Mission: to teach moms they can trust their bodies again and rock mom life with confidence!



IG         @momsfit_life




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