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Mom Bosses Abroad

Dec 8, 2022

Your subconscious mind does what it thinks you want it to do. It is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. Yet most of us are only using our conscious mind to make things happen in our life. But there’s a better AND faster way to close the gap between you and your dreams. In this episode, Iva Perez shares the powerful tool that she uses with her clients to help them be, do and have everything that they desire. Listen in!

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Hey lovely mama! You're ready to grown your business and still be present in your children’s lives while following your passion and sharing your gifts. But when the anxious part comes in and sabotages your work, relationships and your health, it's never fun.

You Don't have to settle for ways to merely cope until the kids are out of the house. i'm here to help as a Licensed Transformational Hypnotherapist, If my beautiful mamas have reversed decades of anxiety and unwanted behaviors in a matter of weeks, So can you.

Book a call with me this week.

I can help you create a life you love while providing fast and effective anxiety relief. You get to have the gift of Presence without anxiety running the show.

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Iva Perez, RTTP

Iva Perez RTTP, is on a mission to help 1,000 mompreneurs achieve higher levels of success, confidence and freedom. She has successfully merged 15 years of corporate experience with her studies on the science of the mind into her role as a Licensed RTT Hypnotherapist and is endorsed by UK’s number 1 therapist, Marisa Peer.

She helps entrepreneurs drop the overwhelm and ‘too much to do anxiety’ and instead, create new subconscious blueprints to facilitate powerful transformations. This way, moms can successfully navigate the overlap between business and family life. Iva is the co-host of this podcast as well as an avid speed reader and matcha evangelist who firmly believes in having fun every step of the way_ while taking her family along for the ride!



IG         @momergymovement




Kiss Anxiety Goodbye!