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Mom Bosses Abroad

Dec 30, 2021

We all want to make money and we’re always looking for the latest ways we can increase our revenue and boost our bottom line. But what is the number one mistake most of us make that can actually be repelling money from coming into our lives? Jen Patterson is a Money coach for entrepreneurs and she is taking us on a fun ride on how to better handle our money with celebrations and cookie metaphors included. She keeps it all real, and most importantly, fun!

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Jen Patterson

Jen Paterson is a Money Coach for Entrepreneurs, the in-house money coach for Iron & Pearl Financial and the creator of the Dollar Divas Money Club. Jen has helped hundreds of women gain financial independence and create lasting wealth with her unique take on money management. As a former financial advisor, she saw business owners who were rock stars and yet struggled financially. It usually had nothing to do with their ability to deliver amazing results! It was because they didn't understand how to manage the money side of their business. Now Jen helps female business owners build a solid financial foundation so they have a thriving, profitable business that pays!!


IG @divainthetrenches




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