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Mom Bosses Abroad

Feb 10, 2022

Moving, relocation, changing the scale of big life stressors, uprooting  our family ranks high on the list. Having resiliency built in as a strategy to help handle and manage these changes is essential. Our featured guest, Athens Pellegrino, is a seasoned expert when it comes to moving and has written a children’s book that helps families better deal with relocation assignments while making it fun and memorable for the kids. Grab a pen and paper and take some valuable notes while she shares her know-how on handling several moves in a few years and ways to  teaching resiliency to our kids so they can deal better with change.

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Athens Pellegrino

Athens E. Pellegrino grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey. She attended St. Joseph’s University and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Athens serves in the United States Air Force as a Budget Analyst and military spouse. She has a love for travelling, cooking, dogs, and fitness.  Athens children are 2 and 1. The family has experienced 7 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) assignments. The latest was 7 days after giving birth to her daughter. Athens is intrigued by the strength and resiliency of military families, which led to her creation of the Military Child Chronicles series. The first book is, Mission: My First PCS.


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