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Mom Bosses Abroad

Oct 21, 2022

Hi, we're Iva and Desiree.

Join us as two business besties having REAL WORLD conversations about all things motherhood and business. 

Each and every episode this season is bursting at the seams with valuable, actionable advice and insights that truly pack a punch.

Whether you are staying home and raising your little ones, running your own business, pursuing a corporate career, or working that side hustle, you are absolutely, 100% a Mom Boss.

And if you’re doing all of this while living abroad, well, you’re simply fantabulous all the way!

Iva Perez currently lives in Singapore. When she's not helping fellow mompreneurs  redefine their own rules and dismantle their old limiting beliefs through her Transformational Hypnotherapy,, you’ll find her playing Tag, drawing unicorns and tackling bath time and bedtime with her children. 

Desiree Gonzalez and i'm a mom of a 5 year old boy and a little girl who is almost 1. She's a Metaphysical and Clinical Aromatherapist who is passionate about helping others find natural solutions in hteir life. She has spent most of her life abroad, so her life, marriage, kids and business really happened abroad.

Listen in and become part of a global tribe that is unapologetically authentic. 

After all, feeling empowered to make confident and smart choices for you and your family gives you total BOSS status. You in?