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Mom Bosses Abroad

Nov 25, 2021

Being a foreigner in a foreign land can be challenging. And if you are trying to build a business while raising little ones, it requires a whole new mindset altogether. Sarona Wolter shares how a move abroad compelled her to pivot in her career and build a platform to challenge 'stereotypes' and give women the permission to do things differently.

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Sarona Wolter

Sarona Wolter is a South African law graduate turned marketing strategist who courageously swapped an all-year-round summer in South Africa for a handsome German, world class ‘Fussball’ and 5 days of summer in her new hometown of Bonn.

Born out of a need to connect with people from various backgrounds, as well as having to pivot her career and mindset since moving from South Africa to Germany, she developed a gift of communicating with people and became a somewhat ‘accidental’ communications specialist.


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