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Mom Bosses Abroad

Mar 23, 2023

Social media can be intimidating and overwhelming for a lot of us. As business owners it seems like it’s a necessary evil. But fret not. Our featured guest, Coach Rocky, breaks down how to approach social media in a way that feels empowering and simple. This episode is for you if you want to stop being the shy girl at the back and start monetizing Instagram so you can scale your business that much faster. Get ready to take notes and take your business to the next level!

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This has been such an incredible podcasting journey! It's been our most favorite way to get our conversations out there and meet fantabulous Mom Bosses along the way.

We taught ourselves, but definitely had some help along the way! Now, we are ready to level up for Season 2, thanks to the amazing Pineapple Podcasting Academy! A 6 week course, that was game changing on every single level!

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Jeanille Rockett

Jeanille N. Rockett, aka Coach Rocky, is a content and social media strategist and coach, plus she loves teaching her clients how to make money on FB & IG. She works with female coaches, consultants, online service providers and product-based businesses. She is the owner of JNREMU Business Solutions that operates and oversees Rock Your Content Academy. 


Since her start, she has helped 100s of business owners successfully market their business and make sales on social media. She shows female entrepreneurs how to create content that converts. When clarity, confidence, and consistency co-exist in your content, you become a content conqueror! She has been coaching over 5+ years and has an MBA in Marketing. Her clients have affectionately given her the title of “Queen of Clarity in 1 day or less.” She has been featured on podcasts, radio shows, new articles, and television. 



IG         @coachrockyknowshershyt





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