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Mom Bosses Abroad

Nov 23, 2023

Unveil the untapped potential of your menstrual cycle! Explore how heightened awareness of your body can be a game-changer for productivity. Desiree and Iva share their insights on syncing your to-do list with your cycle's natural ebbs and flows, offering practical strategies for optimal performance. Embrace the power of your biology and transform the way you approach work and life.

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Hey, Mama. So, you started using essential oils at home or you started complementing essential oils into your practice and your business. And all of a sudden you have a million questions. And other people ask you a million questions about them too. Are you struggling to answer them? Do you wish that you could give better advice and not get your way through? Now you can become transform a Certified Aromatherapist, officially accredited by NAHA, the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. This certification will give you the confidence, the knowledge, and the credibility that you need. Visit to find out more.

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