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Mom Bosses Abroad

Jan 13, 2022

Are you struggling with setting up a life AND business that works for you? Our guest, Brittany May, shares how it is possible to step in and create a sustainable automated business around something that you love doing. While also scheduling free time for yourself and for your family. Listen in on how to get started simplifying your mompreneur life!


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Brittany May

Brittany May is a mom of three, a military spouse and an entrepreneur. She works part time hours out of her home in Germany. After running her first seven-figure business the wrong way (and having it take over her life) she is now passionate about helping others work smarter and create a life (and business) that works for them. Brittany is focused on teaching how to create sustainable, automated businesses around your passion, have a larger impact on the world; and finally obtain schedule freedom for yourself and your family.


IG         @simplyhappybrittany




Scale a Business Without Sacrificing Your Time