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Mom Bosses Abroad

May 27, 2022

Are you stepping over gold to pick up a penny? Our featured guest expert, Tanya MFK, is with us once again to distil yet more golden nuggets about the science of the mind, to help us develop healthy habits that support our brains and our bodies. This is a continuation of our previous episode 14, where she explains how to get closer to our goals. But we won’t be able to get far is we don’t have healthy habits that support us and they are easier and more effective than you might think! Have a listen!


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Tanya MFK

A "break all the rules" business coach and life strategist for overdoing and underwhelmed entrepreneurs, Tanya teaches how to Unbusy your life, Untangle your business and Unleash your vision by building a strategy around your uniqueness. No cookie cutter B.S.

With over 18 years in global business development with Fortune 500 companies, million dollar start-ups and Grammy nominated artists and a degree in Applied Neuroscience, she was nominated Central Europe's Founder of the year in both 2020 and 2021.After losing her husband to cancer at age 25, this recovering workaholic began a mission to eliminate the hustle culture that poisons entrepreneurship and focuses on teaching others to enjoy life while creating a clear road to success.


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IG         @ TanyaMFK



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