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Mom Bosses Abroad

Dec 2, 2021

And with kids in tow! This is exactly what Thais Saenz set out to do: ditch her cushy corporate job and start her own business while having a new-born and toddler at home (in the middle of Covid). Thais shares with us the most critical factor of how she grew and scaled quickly plus other valuable insights and advice are eye-openers for anyone considering doing a career change with success in mind.

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Thais Saenz

She is the owner and founder of Saenz Global, an elite administrative team for roofers. Wife to Cliff and mother to two amazing kids. Before launching her own company, she was an international market manager for an award-winning company. She travelled the world and was the youngest in her company to hold the role. During a four-month maternity leave during covid, she decided it was time to launch her own company and started Saenz Global. She resigned from her corporate career and is now living her dream as they are on a trajectory to hit half a million by 2022.


IG @saenzglobal