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Mom Bosses Abroad

Mar 2, 2023

Shout out to all working moms worldwide! Can we all collectively agree that the two toughest transitions of a woman’s life are becoming a mom and then becoming a working mother? Welcoming our child into the world for the first time is both a sublime and overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop after we have children and going back to work means a lot of adjustments for the whole family even years after those early baby years. How to adjust to the change and help our children at the same time? Get ready to take notes as our guest expert, Kathy Rougier, is here to help families navigate the ‘mommy-back-at-work’ transition.

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Hey lovely mama! You're ready to grown your business and still be present in your children’s lives while following your passion and sharing your gifts. But when the anxious part comes in and sabotages your work, relationships and your health, it's never fun.

You Don't have to settle for ways to merely cope until the kids are out of the house. i'm here to help as a Licensed Transformational Hypnotherapist, If my beautiful mamas have reversed decades of anxiety and unwanted behaviors in a matter of weeks, So can you.

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Kathy Rougier

Kathy is the Founder of Empowa, a Postpartum Support Services company, specialising in all things Postpartum. She is a Certified Postpartum Doula, but comes at things with a modern take. Before realising that her "calling" was to support new mothers and families she spent over 20 years in Corporate Insurance, which she believes, and so do her clients, gives her the added empathy to support the modern woman and family dynamic. She helps new mums transition through what she believes are the two toughest transitions of our lives, becoming a mother, and then becoming a working mother.






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