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Mom Bosses Abroad

Apr 20, 2023

Technology doesn’t have to be a necessary evil when we’re building a business. In fact, it can be a total time-saver that allows us to do more of what we want without burning out in the process. Our featured guest, Krissy Chin, is the queen of automations and systems and she has made it her mission to help entrepreneurs earn twice as much working half the time. Her proven track record shows she’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s at the tech forefront so we can use it to our advantage and free up time to do more enjoyable things during the day. Listen in!


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Krissy Chin

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur herself running two successful businesses and blending over 10 different revenue streams, Krissy has a unique approach to helping her students and clients build businesses around their many passions to earn twice as much working half the time with high-converting websites that get your clients to take action. Krissy’s ‘done is better than perfect’ motto inspires her thousands of students to take imperfect action to generate success while spending most of their time with their families. You can get free support from Krissy on her podcast Badass is the New Black with new episodes every Wednesday!


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