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Mom Bosses Abroad

Nov 11, 2021

Wonder Women do exist! As a multi-passionate super mom, Hadas Kushelevich, is showing us her tricks, tips and mindset hacks on how you can effectively juggle all those balls in the air while thriving abroad with her family. Don’t miss the biggest takeaway that you can adopt NOW in making it all happen for you as well.

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Episodes Mentioned

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Episode 12 Mastering Failure: How the Science of Failure Makes you More Successful



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 Hadas Kushelevich

Hadas is Israeli and has been living in Kyoto for the last 10 years. She is married to a Japanese artist, she is a mother of 2 boys under 3 YO, a PhD candidate, an active NPO founder, a business owner, business consultant, Women network leader, an active member in her tribe and a daughter (talking to her mom in Israel daily!!)

IG         @hadas.tagram