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Mom Bosses Abroad

Dec 29, 2022

Carving your unique path in the business world can seem daunting with all the noise that is out there. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an actual GPS that guides you to where you want to go? That is precisely what you can tap into when you get to know your Human Design. In this episode, Human Design expert, Alison Van de Pol, will help you understand your Human Design — as a unique life map — so you can get clear on what you want out of life and develop the confidence to follow the path that’s right for you.

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Alison Van de Pol

Alison Van De Pol is a wife, mom, Human Design Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse and much more! 

She created two businesses with Melissa Wright a Surrender Story and Guided Life by Design.

Working with women who are burning themselves out, trying to be everything in work and in their personal lives. She helps them understand their Human Design — their unique life map — so they can get clear on what they want out of life and develop the confidence to follow the path that’s right for them.

With Surrender Story, she highlights the beauty of those moments in life when we know we need to make a change — when we admit to ourselves and to the universe that we want something more out of life. That single moment is an opportunity to receive divine guidance or tap into inner wisdom.

Website ,

IG         @surrenderstory



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