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Mom Bosses Abroad

Apr 27, 2023

Do you sometimes think that you could be further ahead in your plans and projects if it weren;t for the kids? As moms, it feels that most days we’re taking on more than the lion’s share of childrearing and household chores with very little time left to enjoy ourselves or pursue our own projects. Listen in on how our featured guest, Christelle Pillot, helps with creating Family teams at home so everyone has a role that contributes to the overall harmony of the home regardless of age! Learn how you can effectively delegate to your family members, so you have more time to do the things you love.

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Christelle Pillot


Christelle is founder of the Freedom Catcher Academy TM, her specialty is potential analysis, career optimization and team building at home. Since 2015 Christelle has been teaching dozens of women, companies, schools, and executives. She is driven, results-oriented and has a dynamic business mind helping her clients to create a balanced and effective life rhythm, to clarify their life purpose and to make massive actions to build a meaningful and profitable career. Working with her is a treat because she makes sure her clients get the results they are after.


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