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Mom Bosses Abroad

May 27, 2021

Can mothers really have an on/off button? Is there really a possibility to switch on and off at will during our hectic, busy days? And if so, how?

Listen in as Desiree and Iva explore this very topic and how being present plays a role in this. Listen in to glean insights into how looking for ways to rest more (and not less!) during the day can hold the key to greater creativity, productivity and flow in our lives.


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Books Mentioned

The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins



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Own Your Mornings like a Rockstar Checklist

Say Good-bye to rushed, chaotic mornings and own them like a Rockstar instead! Have you been going into Funky Town mode lately with all the social distancing, home-schooling, zoom meetings, cold weather and just how chaotic and unpredictable things seem to be right now? Yet you still need to show up for both your fam and your business because our mom gig doesn’t come with any days off?

Imagine how more inspired and ready to take on the world you would feel if the dreaded morning rush was easy as pie (at least the 3-ingredient ones that don’t require baking!)

 Meditating with Kids

 It doesn’t seem like any benefits can be reaped in two minutes of conscious breathing, and definitely not with little ones in tow, but they are real! With enough regularity, your mood will be calmer, you’ll feel less stressed and a magical bonding time is sure to happen with your children- guaranteed! Want to have the exact Fail-Proof Guide that I used? Click here.