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Mom Bosses Abroad

Jan 6, 2022

Sometimes, there is a fine line between children simply acting out and acting out because of a more serious underlying issue. How do you know the difference? We sat down with Health coach Sylvana Lee, to talk about how certain food might be affecting our children’s behavior and how to prevent it. As the saying goes, ‘We are what we eat’. So what are we feeding our kids?

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Sylvana Lee

Sylvana is a mom of 2. She’s half British and half Thai but truly a free spirit, and currently calls Hong Kong home. As a health coach, she helps people overcome stress-related health problems by decoding the many ways stress appears in the body from infertility to gut health. Whether that be stress in the physical body or stress in the mind, she works holistically to help each client tap into themselves and better understand how stress affects them and how they can overcome it. 


IG @mind.body.temple



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