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Mom Bosses Abroad

Jan 5, 2023

The second Friday in January is known as ‘Quitter’s Day’ as it is the most likely day for people to give up on their New Year resolutions. But setting goals doesn't have to end in failure. Testament to that is this very own podcast and, on this episode, Desiree and Iva share insights and tips on how to set AND maintain goals past the second Friday of January. Listen in and take notes so you don't have to give up on those New Year Resolutions just yet!

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Kissing 💋a toxic relationship goodbye is the ultimate act of LOVE.

Being able to ditch the anxiety that prevents you from being your authentic self is PRICELESS.

Being more present so you can enjoy your life, feeling mentally calm and getting more done moves you FORWARD.

Having an out-of-the-box hypnotherapist that helps you collapse your healing time from years or months into mere WEEKS is INVALUABLE.

What EXTRAORDINARY gift are you deciding to give yourself today?

Living ANXIETY FREE is the gift that keeps on giving.

Book a call with me and together let’s kick Anxiety goodbye!

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