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Mom Bosses Abroad

Feb 9, 2023

Can we foster social change by talking openly about our periods? Our guest, Karen Daubert, is on a mission to end period stigma and in this podcast episode we proudly talk openly about our cycles and our womanhood because no subject is too far-fetched! If you feel frustrated by society's backwards attitude towards periods then listen in and share this episode with others to help create an environment that promotes, encourages and celebrates conversations about menstruation.


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Karen Daubert

Karen Daubert is the founder and host of the podcast Talk About Your Period. Throughout her life, she always loved facilitating conversations about “unconventional” topics. Frustrated by society’s backwards attitude towards periods, she decided to create an environment that promotes, encourages, and celebrates conversations about menstruation.

She is a recently former expat mom. I moved to Taiwan shortly after getting married. When she is not talking about periods, she is spending time with her family, brushing up on her Chinese, or thrifting for second-hand goodies.



IG          @talkaboutyourperiod